The Revival of the Champion’s Cup

The Champions Cup action saw a nearly clean sweep for English sides and many European encounters with momentum swinging. Attendances were high as fans flocked to ascertain their favorite players back in action in domestic rugby football once the international break. It absolutely was all music to the ears of recent tournament organisers EPCR.

One of the expressed goals of the new tournaments was a rise in what competitive would be, and if that has been achieved within the Champions Cup – there are 3 groups still in competition all told pools, and in one any of the four might still qualify – a similar can not be same of its baby sister, the Challenge Cup. The video below is a clip of the game between the Osprey and the Racing Metro which attracted a considerable crowd.

There are four sides and in each pool it’s fairly obvious United Nations agency are qualifying. While 25,600 were looking  at a full-blooded Munster vs Clermont affair, a paltry 4,000 visited see Brive attack Oyonnax (to place that in context, Brive average over twelve,000 per game within the high 14). When 22,114 were enjoying the Tigers beating powerful champions Toulon at Welford Road, just 3,212 came to ascertain capital vs London Welsh – a game compete at a construction that holds sixty seven,800.

To be truthful to EPCR, not all blame may be arranged at their door – the Amlin Challenge Cup, its previous incarnation, was never notably admired by supporters, however crucially there was a minimum of the carrot of an area within the Heineken Cup for the winner, if your second string aspect happened to urge you thru the pool stages initial, of course. once a number of the perimeters from the Heineken Cup born right down to the knockout stages – a call not admired by everybody – there have been a minimum of some Brobdingnagian clashes that provided games.

This logic, though, is blemished – why will finishing seventh in an exceedingly league cause you to a lot of ought to have an area within the high tournament than winning a cup over the course of a complete season? Candidly, it doesn’t. Sure, the place, high fourteen and PRO12 are all competitive leagues however all the play-off system will is create them even a lot of thus, while confiscating any remaining believability the Challenge Cup had.

If you can’t end within the high six in your league (or the PRO12’s collective version per country), does one be an area within the Champions Cup? Arguably not. to place along a winning cup run – even within the Challenge Cup – is unquestionably one thing that deserves a larger reward.

If there’s any hope of the Challenge Cup being a worthy tournament, they need to bring back qualification for its massive brother, the Champions Cup. Till that happens, it’ll stay a humid pyrotechnic of a tournament, spurned by fans, media and, to be savagely honest, clubs alike.

Debate: Why A Few Attendance During Regional Matches



It’s a perpetual topic of dialogue in  rugby – why are regional attendances  poor?

The subject has cropped up once more in the week with Cardiff Blues boss Mark writer talking regarding recent crowds at the Arms Park, with last Saturday’s massive European Challenge Cup clash with London Irish attracting simply 5,430.

On constant afternoon, the Ospreys’ crucial Champions Cup encounter with athletics railway line was contend go in front of seven,164 people, with solely 3 of the 10 matches within the competition last weekend drawing smaller attendances.

Leicester CEO Richard Cockerill conjointly created relevance dwindling crowds once while discussing Owen Williams’ future once the Scarlets discovered they’d have an interest in transportation him back.

In relation to the Welsh regions, there’s not reaching to be an event with 24,000 individuals against the EU champions and be adequate to beat them and be the centre of attention of the performance of the team to win the sport.

I don’t see the issues as ‘the regions’ i see at it because the competition. Who cares regarding reaching to see treviso, who cares regarding beating them, who desires to rush home from work on a chilly wet Friday then to the sport to examine a second string capital team…. nobody in Wales that’s who.  Wherever is that the atmosphere from the away fans, there’s none as a result of there aren’t any away fans, no banter. Lets come back to to taking part in groups that you simply wish to beat, a passion for the sport. I gave abreast of regional football regarding four years past and went back to supporting my native club somewhere I actually have a passion for and a willing want for my club to win. The quality of rugby might not be the simplest however I like the banter on the terraces and also the passion and want to win off each supporter and player there.

I dont suppose that it are often the competition, staring at attendances Leinster, at home, will pull in 16,000 individuals.

When the Scarlets Square measure taking part in reception they solely appear to induce 8000 fans which isn’t even a pro12 game. The Ospreys against athletics last weekend solely attracted 7000, that ought to be a game that brings within the crowds.
I am pretty positive that the come leg can have double that. Munster vs Ospreys, in Eire attracted nearly 14,000 people, pro12 game once more.

I would say that the pro12 is okay, there’ll be dips for games against the weaker sides however if the regions wish additional supporters coming back then they have to not solely win games/tropheys however attractiveness to a wider fanbase than the locals of port, Llanelli, Newport and Cardiff